What Is A Black Hole, Could You Survive In One?

What Is A Black Hole, Could You Survive In One?

Small Introduction To Black Hole

A black hole is another mysterious part of the universe. they are sometimes also known as gravitational monsters, their gravity is really powerful that even light can’t escape from its event horizon, and that’s why they appear black.

What is a Black Hole

What Is Black Hole

A Blackhole is an invisible object or ring in space which have a powerful gravitation pull and mass. They are invisible because even light can not escape them. The presence of times also ends in it.

The special theory of relativity given by Albert Einstein tells us that the flow of time slows down as we go near a black hole.

It pulls everything that comes in its radius. If any object falls into a black hole, then the object’s molecules will rip apart and will be gone forever.

The whole mass of the black hole is focused on its center, known as the central singularity point, and its surface is called the event horizon. First thoughts about black holes were presented by professor john Michell in 1783. He was a teacher at Cambridge University.

After him, it was Pierre Simon wrote about it in his book “The system of the world”.


Types of Black Hole


Primordial/Small Black Holes

Primordial/Small Black Holes

These types of black holes are nearly the size of grapefruit, but still, they have a mass more than that of Mount Everest.

Primordial black holes are hypothetical types of black holes that were formed at the beginning of the universe.  In the older universe, high densities and heterogeneous regions undergo gravitational collapse, and because of collapsed regions become black holes.


Stellar-Mass Black Holes

Most of the black holes are formed by stellar death. Stellar death is death when a star comes up to the end of its life.

The dramatic supernova explosions are caused by the death of a massive star of mass 20 times greater than that of the sun collapses on itself

Such star has a less strong core, so they are unable to stop the implosion. No mechanism can prevent such a star from collapsing into a black hole.


Intermediate-Mass Black Holes

Intermediate-Mass Black Holes

Intermediate black holes are black holes with intermediate mass, they fall in the category between stellar-mass and supermassive black holes.

The intermediate black holes are the remnants of the first, metal-poor stars, that resulted from direct collisions in young stellar clusters


Supermassive Black Holes

what is a supermassive black hole

Such bodies could form when stars in a cluster collide in a chain reaction. Several of these IMBHs forming in the same region could then eventually fall together in the center of a galaxy and create a supermassive black hole.

Most of the black holes in the universe are stellar mass. 


How Scientists Find the Black Holes If They are Invisible

How Scientists Find the Black Holes If They are Invisible

Black holes have powerful gravity. Although they are invisible, they still affect the objects surrounding them. scientist finds the black holes from their gravity when objects and dust particles around them start orbiting.

When a black hole and a star are close together, a high-energy level of light is released. A human can not see this kind of light directly with his/her eyes. To see these kinds of light a special type of telescope is used.


Time Mystery in a Black Hole

As we go near a black hole the flow of time slows down and ends inside it. According to the theory of relativity, every massive body produces this time effect including earth.

But the gravity of the earth is very weak so we cannot notice the slowed time.


Is The Black Hole is a Key to Time Travel

The short answer is Yes, but we can only go forward in the time and can’t get back to the past.

e.g. if two persons have the same age as 10 years old, and one goes into space and flies around a black hole, and another one stays on the earth. Then after 5 years, one who stayed on the earth will be approximately 85 years old, while the other one is still 15 years old.


What Can be Inside A Black Hole

What Can be Inside it

We don’t really know what’s inside a black hole, it could be a portal to another universe, another universe, or just nothing!!

But do you know stellar-mass black holes are more dangerous than supermassive ones, here’s the deal with them

As we know, large black holes have stronger gravitation pull, but when it comes to stretching force, it’s the opposite, larger black holes have a less stretching force.

Thus, the person would pass through the event horizon unaffected, not be stretched into a long, thin noodle, survive and float painlessly past the black hole’s horizon. A person falling into a supermassive black hole would likely survive No one exactly knows what can be inside it. It is still a mystery. We can just say theoretically because they are so far from us.

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